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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
The reason we have such a high body count is no one in leadership knows how to properly prosecute a war. The General Grant/D-Day concept of throwing as many warm bodies at a problem doesn't work well in an area with which we have supreme technological supremacy. We spend over a billion dollars a month paying for funneling bodies at a problem and then the aftermath when they come home in bags or permanently broken. Then out of a need for political correcness we put these same people in with 5th columns that regularly assasinate them.

The war has been prosecuted at an extreme indiference to the lives of American troops.

If you want to stop a group of people who hide in a populous make it so untenable for the populous that the deliver to you the terrorist group either dead or alive. This war could have been over a long long time ago.
Good post. Absolutly.
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