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correlation / causation

Originally Posted by Allegra View Post
I see a direct correlation between responsibility and shooting skill
The higher the skill , the higher the discipline
You dont see many blackbelts beating people up
Ganun din mga shooters ( wag lang may mental problem )
I've even heard some shooters say ayaw nila mapa away , baka magalit kapwa shooters nila if guns are blamed
oo naman, mahirap gumising ng maaga, mag drive all the way to marikina/clark/karingal, and practice weekend after weekend to make the it even to the top ten position sa match ha. dedication talaga and discipline.

legal gun owners are quite a pleasant and well behaved lot, nicest people i know are all legal firearm holders. though i must admit i also know some legal firearm holders with less than savoury attitudes and behaviour.
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