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Originally Posted by DocBob View Post
Bro, IMHO, price has got nothing to do with deciding whether a gun owner is a responsible person or not. It has been 'proven' by past events that the 'haves' have their share of injudicious use of the gun to intimidate, maim and kill - as their 'have-not' counterparts have (albeit, with more expensive guns and bullets). Moreover, Elitism has never been the playmate of the masses.
at this point i can not yet give any evidence as to what degree the high price of legally acquired guns and ammo is preventing it from getting into the wrong hands. the only thing that is certain is that it is keeping it off the hands of the poor and perpetually broke. we might never really know, too many factors in play.

all i am saying is that i am more comfortable that it is relatively expensive rather than cheap (even if it means that i get to practice live fire less often). i believe that the relatively high price means the chances are greater that people who purchase it legally have given it more thought rather than less.

i don't think guns are priced beyond the reach of the wage earner, and i never said that i want it to be. as long as one is engaged in gainful employment or enterprise, disciplined enough to save some of what they make, not spend too much on non essentials like alcohol and cigarettes (or other drugs), and perhaps more importantly keep the number of mouths they must feed to a manageable amount, i don't see how they can not come up with the 17 grand necessary for a brand new armscor 38 spl revolver.

lack of funds due to inability to control the desire to engage in any of the mentioned cash draining activities shows a certain degree of incapability to control impulse and delay gratification (both characteristics incompatible with firearm ownership in my mind). This is where the significant price of guns and ammo acts as a welcome control on who gets to arm up and who has no other choice but to make do with something like say, a tire iron.

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