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Originally Posted by 2-8 Marine View Post

With all respect, what you've heard is wrong. I've worn a Rolex of one type or another everyday for the past 30 years and on only TWO occasions has anyone noticed that I was wearing a Rolex. Yes, I've heard occasional comments like "nice watch" and such but only twice was it actually recognized as being a Rolex. Most people won't recognize a Rolex when they do see one. In all your travels and dealings with people yesterday, how many times did you notice anyones watch? Unless you're into watches, probably the answer is none.
Some people consider it common courtesy to not point out the fact that someone is wearing a watch of significant value, just like some people consider it to be common courtesy to not remark on the abundance or lack of abundance of money in someone else's wallet at the check out line... but people do notice.

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