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Next gun to fille a niche - Sub2000, Mosin, or other?

I am planning to pick up a new firearm in the next couple weeks to fill a hole in the collection. I don't currently have a pistol caliber carbine or a traditional battle rifle (an AK in 7.62x39 is the biggest rifle caliber in the collection), so I was considering either of those.

My options I am considering are:

A Keltec Sub2000 at a really good price at the LGS in either 9 or 40. Both calibers are already in the collection so I'd prob go with the 9mm since I could pick up a few of the Glock 33 round mags for it. People seem to love or hate Keltec, and I have had a good experience with my PF9, but I'd love to hear some people's opinions on the quality of the Sub2000. The size/maneuverability of the gun has me leaning in that direction, but the brand's hit or miss reputation has me hesitant.

Mosin Nagant rifle or carbine, both are at the LGS and at decent prices. They also have a good deal on the spam cans, so for the price of the Keltec and a few mags I could pick up a Mosin and a lot of ammo for it, which is enticing. There's just something comforting about a rifle that was built before my father was born and that will no doubt still function after I'm long gone. A larger caliber bolt action would also be a good choice for hunting or general purpose in a SHTF scenario. My question about this one is - if I don't care about preserving the historical "look" of the Mosin, how hard is it to get a scope properly mounted? I have seen pics of a scope mounted to preserve the iron sights underneath, which is how I would want do it if I bought this one.

Other options:

Ruger 10/22 - I don't have a .22, so this is a definite contender. I'd rather add something with a little better stopping power first given the way things are going with the world, but a .22 is always a good thing to have.

Something else??
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