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Just got a new Rolex Sub c SS date within the last month or so. Thanks to the folks here for pointing me to TRF, great place to buy. It is my second Sub, got my first when I was a 23 yo. LEO. Had sold it my wifes last year of medical school after wearing it for years to help buy a new vehicle. Think I made around $900 on the sale. So glad to have another on my wrist, like having an old friend back in my life. Really like the improvements/changes on the new Sub's.

I also have a Breitling SuperOcean Steelfish X-Plus with the professional one series bracelet collecting dust for now. Nice watch, just not a Sub. I have a nice $400 Luminox that is also stainless I wear with a Zulu strap on occasion, nice watch. Running and swimming I wear a Timex Ironman.

Been a "watch guy" since age 12 when I got my first Citizen, always a diver style. Guess it is hard for some to understand. Scum will try and rob you for anything, but hopefully CC will prevent any issues! I am not going to not wear something or drive something out of fear. Just not in my DNA. Weird reading on a gun board how some are afraid to do or wear something out of fear of it being taken from them.

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