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Originally Posted by Hawaiiglock View Post
I own two Yugo's, one was "unissued" the other was "good-very good" (bore looked brand new) when I purchased them. The bores are not chrome lined but as long as you keep them clean it's no big deal. Heck a few times I've taken them to the range, put a couple hundred rounds down the pipe, and then tossed them back in the safe without cleaning them (I don't shoot corrosive ammo). A few months later I'll pull them out and the bores do not show any signs of rust. The 59/66's are heavier then Norincos, but they have a flip up Radium/Tritium night sight (mine are still bright). I haven't had any issues with the gas system on my rifles.
Exactly what he said! I'd also like to add that I think the grenade launcher looks cool! You can also use blank rounds and a Bloom Automatic Golf Ball Launcher with your Yugo for some added coolness!

I would also buy a Murray's spring loaded firing pin for your Yugo in order to prevent slam fire. All SKS's after a certain year (I forget which) were made with a free-floating pin. The Murray's pin returns it to a spring loaded pin, and requires no special tools at all to install. Instructions and videos on how to do this are all over youtube.

While you're on the Murray's site, I'd also invest in a stainless steel gas valve. The stock valve has a tendency to get crusty, and it's also an easy swap-out for the new one.

Lastly, there's a fellow on the SKS Survivor's forum who goes by the handle Kivaari. He does SKS trigger jobs for about $60.00. I'd seriously look at having one done in order to reduce creep and trigger pull.
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