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Originally Posted by Andy W View Post
You know, I like Rolex watches but I'm not sure I'd ever want to wear one. From what I've heard, they have an un-rivaled penchant for attracting unwanted attention (Thugs, dumasses, etc.) I think I'd rather have something like an Omega Seamaster or a Tag Heuer. They are arguably just as nice but they don't attract near the attention that a Rolex would.
I've been wearing Rolexes since 1983, my YachtMaster is my fifth one. In all that time, I've has one person ask if it was a real one. It was a mid-size DateJust (which you practically never see) which might have prompted the question. I purposely bought that one because it was stealthier than the typical DateJust. I've had two people comment about my current one. One was a guy that had just gotten one of the new DateJust II models, and the other was a guy wearing a TT GMT that was thinking about trading up. So much for all that attention they draw.
Omega makes a nice watch, at one point between my wife and I we had nine of them. Granted, they've stepped up their game with the Co-axial movements, but I never had one that ran as well as any of my Rolexes. Not in terms of accuracy nor power reserve. And to compare a Tag to a Rolex is just, well laughable.

Of all the watches I've had, this is the one that garnered the most attention and comments...

The Okie Corral

Absolutely, the most comfortable bracelet ever, too.

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