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Originally Posted by LexaDoig View Post
ok so going by your reasoning, lets up the ante. how about 1M per pistol, 2M per rifle. and only for people with at least a Master's Degree. and must own at least one car, at least one house, and at least 15M in assets. smart people won't use the gun for a crime, right?

how does it feel if you're excluded?

nope it doesn't work that way. you're simply denying good people access to guns. goodtj is right, paltiks and zip guns are cheap. the more you artificially raise prices, the more you'll have a thriving illegal gun market
Bro, IMHO, price has got nothing to do with deciding whether a gun owner is a responsible person or not. It has been 'proven' by past events that the 'haves' have their share of injudicious use of the gun to intimidate, maim and kill - as their 'have-not' counterparts have (albeit, with more expensive guns and bullets). Moreover, Elitism has never been the playmate of the masses.
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