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Permit holder arrested for displaying weapon when woman refuses to move

Long story short the airport where I work has parking spaces on the baggage claim level where you are allowed to sit for ten minutes waiting to pick up your party. There are digital timers above each parking spot and the driver has to stay with the vehicle. There are civilian traffic officers who enforce the timer limits as well as direct traffic on the levels (write parking tickets, etc).

Last night a man who was looking for an open parking spot pulled up behind a female who's timer had expired. He informed her she needed to move so he could park. She told him she was on the phone checking on flight info and refused to move. He proceeds to exit his vehicle and raise his shirt towards her, exposing two different handguns in holsters in his front waistband. She immediately flags down one of the civilian traffic officers as he is pulling away in his vehicle. The civilian traffic officer calls for LEOs. As LEOs are arriving, the man has circled back around and entering the level once more. He is stopped, identified, and subsequently arrested for aggravated assault. The female witness said she thought she may have seen a badge, but wasn't sure as she had focused on the guns when he raised his shirt. Another witness in an adjacent parking space had also seen the handguns. When he was searched, a "handgun permit" badge was located on his belt. He was subsequently charged with criminal impersonation.

It appears he was trying to intimidate the lady with the badge in an effort to get her to move, but apparently it wasn't near as visible as the weapons were. He had a valid handgun carry permit, but likely won't keep it. The agg assault charge is an E felony.
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