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Glad to know I'm not alone in my thinking. I pray all the time that GOD will bless the United States and put the desire to see America be great again in so many people's hearts that there would be no doubts on Wednesday morning. I just Pray that our people get out and vote and their people are too bombed on weed that they can't find the polls or so much Oxy makes them think the election is on Wednesday.

Is Romney my ideal candidate? NO. I wouldn't have minded Newt or Bachmann or Santorum. The problem why those true conservatives cannot get the nomination lies in the way the RNC has set up the primary system. It's a winner take all system so there can't be delegates getting together and pooling resources to get the right person in there. All the states in the beginning that play a HUGE factor in who will eventually get the nod are states that aren't that conservative. The RNC set this whole system up to get exactly what we have now, a moderate (at best) conservative and one that they think will appeal to a wider audience. The BIG WIGS in the RNC believes that conservatives scare the precious moderates and can never win a national election. Heck the RNC bailed on that Senate candidate in missouri in about 10 seconds and withdrew all of his funding. Sure he made a dumb statement and he apologized for it. That's hardly a reason to dump him on the spot. You'd have thought that pics came out that showed that candidate dressed in a sheet with the point hat giving the Heil Hitler salute and calling himself the Grand Kleagle. The way the RNC operates just makes me sick.

I do think that if Romney loses, the RNC will turn into almost a 3rd party. If they can't beat a guy with the record that Soetero has, who can they beat? I can tell you exactly who will be running in 2016 that we're gonna have to face....Hillary Klinton. Have you read ANY negative reports about her job performance since she's been in? Hell we just had 4 really good and decent men murdered by the Religion of Peace and they still can't call it terrorism and instead of doing something about those mobs of cavemen with rpg's they arrest and are going to try and send a man that made a goofy movie trailer about Muslims back to prison just to show the world of Islam that we take it serious when someone makes fun of Mohammed. So much so that we'll throw out the most important freedom our Constitution gives us, the Freedom of Speech just to make them happy and like us more. That's the state of the country we're in. Can you even fathom Reagan behaving this way if he were President right now? I would bet money that about 15 minutes after finding out that those men were murdered there would've been bombers heading that way post haste.

As for voting, I am a new citizen of the Republic of Texas and got my Voter Card in the mail a month ago acknowledging my registration and a team of wild pigs couldn't keep me away from that polling place on election day. If I happen to be DEAD, yeah I'll miss this vote.

For all of you that posted that you think Romney will win or win easily, from your mouth to GODS EARS. I hope and pray that you all are right. I wish I had your optimism, but I have just been down lately in seeing how Romney is handling this fight and how he is up against much more than just a guy named Soetero. All the constant negative headlines day after day, even though I knew they were coming, just get to me after a while and I find it difficult to comprehend how this is even a close race. This country is on the verge of going BANKRUPT and there is still a majority, or close to one, that could care less and will pull that lever for Soetero. I find it difficult that there are so many people that are that ignorant in this country and it really gets me down when I realize that there really are that many. I try to find the silver lining in the reports, but it's been getting tougher lately when you see and hear our guy appearing at the Bill Klinton forum to give a speech and talk about what a boost he has been to Soetero. Then you hear him talk about what a nice guy Soetero is. I get sick of it. Hell even Trump told Romney "STOP CALLING HIM A NICE GUY." He is up against a group that is absolutely vicious and would stop at nothing to destroy not only his political chances, but would also gladly destroy Romney as a man, a husband, a father and a businessman. Heck they've already pretty much destroyed his business acumen. Going up against people like that you'd think Romney would get the hint and fight, but he won't do it.

Is it too much to ask for Romney to get on stage and at least ACT like he WANTS to be President? Sometimes he looks like he's running for City Council for Bangor Maine.

Well it'll all come down to Wednesday night in Denver. The biggest audience will be tuned in and Romey has that chance to show what he has in him. Whether he loves this country enough to get on stage with a competitor that stopped just short of calling him a murderer and did accuse him of being a felon, and tell the people that he loves this country so much that he is willing to fight the hardest battle of his life to make it better and then takes the gloves off and shows why he is the best man for the job, the ONLY man for the job and that this country can't withstand another 4 years of Barry Soetero.

Maybe the most insulting thing I find is that we have a guy running for president that got an MBA and a JD at the same time from Harvard and is a brilliant businessman, by any objective measure and he's in the fight of his life against a guy that was an acknowledged DRUG ADDICT in high school and college, hung out with the most radical and anti-usa vermin that he could scrounge up (his own admission) and has never worked a day in the private sector and from what I can tell has never even owned or operated so much as a lemonade stand. And the press and a sizeable portion of the country actually thinks the Dope Addict is a better man to run and manage the biggest and most complex corporation the world has ever seen. It's just insulting.

GOD I hope Romney wins.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"
Ben Franklin
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