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Originally Posted by SPIN2010 View Post
Let's hope the yard signs in my area (OH) are not a good indicator of who will win, because if they are "the kenyan" is back in the saddle for sure.
yard signs, bumper stickers and the like are an extremely poor indicator. conservatives are, well, conservative, and most don't wear their affiliations on their sleeves, their yards or their cars. A lot of people who will be voting for Romney are also justifiably concerned about vandalism of their property if they advertise their intent. The Obama people are just like that.

As for all the polls, disregard them. Most of them are being done with a +9 to +11 democratic oversample, which even some pollsters using that slant have admitted is unlikely. But more importantly, a nationwide poll is meaningless, since the electoral college determines the outcome. And in terms of electoral votes, Romney has only a few narrow likely scenarios that will get him to 270. It is, unfortunately, a long shot, and has been from the start. Whether you're a fan of Rush Limbaugh or not, it's hard to disagree with his observation that the most important thing to come from this election is letting us know whether we've already crossed 'the tipping point.'
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