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Originally Posted by Fed Five Oh View Post
It says Invicta right on the dial.

Try again.
Yeah Invicta's aren't outright knockoffs of Rolex but it's obvious what they are trying to look like. That's fine. The Rolex Submariner is a really cool looking but still elegant design but not everyone can afford one. I was referring more to outright counterfits of Rolex, which is what I thought you were talking about at first. Then I read back a little further. I wasn't talking about Invicta.

You know, I like Rolex watches but I'm not sure I'd ever want to wear one. From what I've heard, they have an un-rivaled penchant for attracting unwanted attention (Thugs, dumasses, etc.) I think I'd rather have something like an Omega Seamaster or a Tag Heuer. They are arguably just as nice but they don't attract near the attention that a Rolex would.

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