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Wow, I think I owe many of you I responded to an apology. I just read back through all of the posts, and it appears that what I took as anti-Romney, pro-Obumer was really just an expression of well deserved anger at the situation we find ourselves in. For that I apologize. I am angry too. It is hard for me to tell where people stand sometimes because of the negative comments and I get lost trying to follow the thought process. So I think most here are in favor of *not* having 4 more years of Obama. I am in that camp. Is Romney the answer to all of the problems we face? No. Can we survive 4 years of Romney and hope that someone better comes along - D, R, or I? I think so. Can we survive 4 more years of Obama. I think not. Forget the polls - they are rigged. Forget the MSM they are stupid and have agendas nobody can understand. Negativity is just what the liberals want. The more of us that they make stay home or write in a vote is a vote for Obama.

If you are against Obama then try to be positive - I'm going to try. All we can change this go round is to stop the madness.
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