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Originally Posted by Doughnutman_923 View Post
A Cottonmouth attacked you? Only had a snake actively come after me once, but she was a Copper Head and I had been messing with her.

Honestly, I wouldn't have shot at the snake unless it was really close (but I don't know what happened), especially 10 rounds. But I guess some people just really hate snakes. lol

I had a Nebo Light (I bought it for $50 somewhere) It was different than the ones from Wall-suck though, never failed me. I probably won't buy one again, but it wasn't too bad. I just hate the switch, always got turned on under my pillow (Full mag, empty chamber) and drained the batteries. (Which was expensive)
There is a small porch right in front of the door to the shed, and it would not leave from under it. Wasn't something I'd planned on or was looking forward to, but it was about 4 feet long and I was worried about my kitten. She was outside that night.
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