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Originally Posted by larry_minn View Post
Had similar on NEW pickup. On test drive there was noise in front end. Seems they got a batch of "non-concentric" shafts. So I said "fix it before I even consider" They said. "we will fix it ONLY under warrenty" I didn't buy.
I had signed in ink contract with dates, unit #s etc. Was not worth paper it was written on.
I deal on car/truck KNOWING the sales guy will lie. That way you don't get upset.
That may have been poor explaaining by the dealer. When I was a toyota tech, if a car failed the delivery inspection, or if there was a problem before it was purchased we were not allowed to fix it. The concept is that the dealer could "make up problems" to rip off the manufacturer by making them pay for the repairs. Until a customer paid for it all we could do was send it back to Toyota.
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