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Originally Posted by NeverMore1701 View Post
I dig the 20"! I just put one together myself, and while I really don't need an offset MRD and light, I'll probably end up with them anyway. Specs on it?
That's probably not the final setup, but so far I like it... I try to keep some consistency between rifles, so I went ahead and put a light on it (it's a quick-detach, so I can pull it off easily).

The upper is a Palmetto State Armory 20" with a 15" VTAC handguard. Bipod is a Blackhawk (I wasn't sure if I'd like a bipod or not, so I got a cheap one... luckily it works great!) and it has (I think) Ergo ladder rail covers. The ACOG is a TA31F with a red chevron, and the MRD is a Burris Fastfire III on a 45 degree mount. The light is a Primary Arms "Ultimate Weapon Light" (I usually won't buy anything with the word "Ultimate" in the name, but I trust PA ), and the sling is a VTAC with a Magpul RSA on the front/QD on the stock.

The lower receiver is a PSA as well, assembled by yours truly, with an ALG QMS trigger, Ergo palm shelf grip, Magpul trigger guard (I wear gloves a lot), and a SOPMOD stock.

The SOPMOD stock came off of the LMT lower on the top rifle in the second pic. I already had a spare MOE stock, so I put it on the LMT for consistency between the two M4geries.

It performed FLAWLESSLY (a shock since I put it together!) yesterday. Once I got the ACOG dialed in I took it to the 250yd line and started ringing 12" gongs over and over... may not sound like much, but I don't think I've ever shot at anything over 200yds Now the long range bug has bitten me. I need a 7.62 now...

I'm very please with it, especially how well it worked out being a cheap upper, cheap lower, using cheap ammo (Fed XM193), with a lousy shot operating it

I was so tired and running short on time by the time I got it to the tactical bay that I didn't even work on transitioning between the ACOG and MRD. Honestly, the only complaint that I have is the trigger... it would be much better on a combat rifle, not something I'm trying to shoot precisely. I'll most likely swap it out with the stock milspec trigger in my 14.7" PSA build.

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