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Those of us who were around when Reagan was running against Carter heard a constant bombardment by the media how Carter was ahead and would win. Reagan was behind in the polls the whole time but most people were tired of the economy and Carter's weakness as a president. I kind of see the same thing happening again. I don't see Obama having the same support he had the first time. Except for the radical left/media you don't hear the same rhetoric as we heard the first time.

On the other hand, the media is doing a pretty good job of making you guys drink the koolaid thinking Obama is going to win.

My suggestion, is instead of wringing ones hands about Obama, get off your butts and go help Romney win. I never before got involved in a campaign and I was never a Romney supporter. However, this year I volunteered to work on his campaign. I am not doing it for him. I am doing it for my kids and this country.

Its not even about ideology anymore. This country is about to collapse. Obama has failed and can't stop it. Romney can at least slow it down. Maybe long enough for someone to figure something out.
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