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How Many of You REALLY Think Romney Will Win??

Hey all,

This campaign he has been running has been angering me more and more over the last few weeks and I just cannot understand why he is behind in a race where an astute candidate or politician would be 10 points ahead. I guess this is the new Republican party. We haven't had a REAL Conservative or a candidate that took it to the democRATs and wouldn't let them get away with their usual trash for over 30 years, Reagan. Is there anyone reading this that really thinks that if given the same situation that Reagan would be wiping the floor with Soetero? This guy is a friggin' clown, dumb as a damn post and a bigger liar than Klinton and our candidate is so damn bad that he can beat him. That really says something there. I just don't think the establishment republican party members, the ones that actually RUN the party, have it in them to actually fight. They're content to have an intellectual discourse in a gentlemanly manner and if they lose, well they'll still get to be on nice committees and their Cocktail Party Circuit invites will still be there. They don't like people like us that are conservatives. We embarrass them with the abortion talk, gun stuff, the occasional Birth Certificate questions and demanding the border be controlled. They don't like that and as soon as they get our votes, they are back to their usual selves.

The Romney campaign has to be one of the worst run presidential campaigns I have ever seen and I've been a political follower since my first repub presidential vote for REAGAN. He is NOT going to take it to Soetero. That's just not the way he is or thinks things need to be done. He and his team ought to be totally ashamed to be trailing in this race, it should literally be a walk and if we had a decent candidate that really FIGHTS, it would be. Have you seen Soetero taking his gloves off at ANY time? NO. He doesn't mind one bit about putting an ad out accusing your opponent of being responsible for the death of a mans wife from Cancer. That's what Romney is running against and his response is to continually call Soetero a "Nice Guy, Good Husband and father." How's that worked for ya Mitt?

Well my thoughts are if we can't win this one, I'm done with politics and the Republican party. There won't be anything left in 5 years worth fighting for. I'll just stay here in Texas and hope they decide to secede from the union.

Anyone else find ANY reason in this race to be optimistic?


P.S. If Soetero wins again, we all better gird our loins cause we ain't seen nothing yet. You think he was bad these 4 years, he'll pull everything he can to get whatever he wants. He's already showed he could care less about going thru Congress for anything. I'm talking all illegals being "effectively" legalized with the stroke of a pen. Probably lots of onerous gun and ammo rules and regulations, especially with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is what their plan has been for a while, and the UN. It'll be a helluva mess for us, a paradise for the Marxists though.
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"
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