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Originally Posted by Rinspeed View Post
I agree the dealeer should pay but I'm not quite sure it should be 2.2 million.
Think about what it would be worth to you a law abiding citizen if you were arrested for no reason, strip searched, then had to bond out on a made up charge where a valid sales contract was signed by both parties.

This was a CYA for the manager to cover his rear on a contract he made a mistake on and knew he would have to eat. It is in fact a false report of a crime and he should be charged.

IF he porvided false information to sweeten the PC for the warrant that would be another charge, I can tell you for a fact our agency would never investigate a clain like this given the circumstances in the article, I am very suspicious of what information he gave police.

The dealership has what attorneys call"exposure" in this matter.

2.2 Million seems excessive they want it to settle in the low six figures I'm sure...
How do you establish intent?
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