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Purchased my used RM04 LNIB for $340 shipped from a nice gent on AR15. Mark milled and Cerakoted the slide for under $300. So yes,,, I have quite a bit of dough into the sight system. And yes,,, it hurt writing that check. Then I used the gun with the sight on it and it didn't hurt any more.

I switch back and forth between my RMR'd upper and my stock upper to train. My speed and accuracy are increasing with my OEM open sights more quickly than they have in years of open sight only training.

I'd much rather own,, am a much better shot with,, and have more fun shooting, my $550 gun with my $640 sight than any $1200 pistol I've ever shot or owned. (and I've owned many)

I let anyone interested in it at the range run it if they want. So far everyone has thought it is amazing to run, and they can't believe how accurate and fast it is. They say that they "just have to have one". They, like you, then choke when I tell them how much money I have into the sight and choose to stick with their open sights.

It's not for everyone,,, but for me,,, it was worth every penny.
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