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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Easy to give away other peoples' money, eh?

Whose pocket is the 2.2 million going to come out of? It's not going to be the pocket of the employee who made the mistake, I'll tell you that much.
The dealer's insurance will most likely pay the damages, and the employee/employees involved should be fired and facing false imprisonment charges. I find it hard to believe that one employee did all this without anyone else having some idea what was going on. If the insurance doesn't pay the damages, the owner of the dealership hired the employees and authorized them to act on his behalf, legally he's responsible for their conduct while on the job. If the dealer does have to pay he could probably sue the responsible employees, though it's doubtful he'd ever see any money. Are you saying the buyer shouldn't be compensated for being falsely imprisoned and given an arrest record in an extortion attempt?
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