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Originally Posted by Rinspeed View Post
I agree the dealeer should pay but I'm not quite sure it should be 2.2 million.
He won't get 2.2 million, usually the lawyers want to set the amount high, then negotiate a settlement for a fraction of the original amount. Even if he does end up getting 2.2 million, he is a nurse that now has an arrest on his record, it's possible he lost his job over this, if he didn't it will almost certainly affect his future career prospects. Getting the arrest expunged/sealed is going to take time and money, assuming he can get it done at all. Taking into account possible loss of future income for the next 20-30 years, and his time and attorney's fees trying to fix this whole mess, actual damages could run well into the 6 figures. Then there's punitive damages, if this case doesn't qualify then I don't know what does. The dealership falsely reported the vehicle stolen, and knowingly had the buyer falsely arrested. They used the police and legal system to falsely imprison a man in an attempt to extort money from him, either as part of a scam, or in an attempt to cover up losing their employer money by screwing up the contract. The employee's involved in this mess should be facing charges.

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