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Originally Posted by B.Reid View Post
I don't understand why people think that cutting 1 inch off the barrel makes it easier to conceal, and a half inch off the grip? All these changes do is make the gun harder to shoot well. I used to have a Lightweight Officers ACP, I just didn't like shooting it and when carrying it, it was grip heavy. Now all I have are steel five inch 1911's. I don't find them harder to carry or conceal.
Maybe I can shed some light on that. I have a RIA compact(3.5"barrel, officers frame) that I love. It is definately no more difficult to shoot, as it came with an ACTmag with a baseplate that rests the pinky nicely. Because of the shorter barrel and grip it will fit perfectly in the inside pocket of my carhart allowing me to not have to use an IWB or have a bulge from an OWB. Being a portly fellow this is rather convenient. I also carry it in a small of back holster and the shorter barrel does not stick out and rub my back.

I think those are all good reasons to carry one.
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