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Had similar happen to me.

A dealership forgot to add in the sales tax on the contract THEY wrote up and we signed. (~$750)

A month or so later I have a message on the phone that went something like: "You shortchanged us the car you bought. Send us a check for $750 NOW or we will ruin your credit rating"

If they had been polite and said "Hey, we made an error could we please discuss this" I would have worked with them.

Then they sent me a letter that literally said the same thing, and had a section attached that I was suppose to sign that basically said that I was a thief and owed them money.

I went to an attorney who looked it all over, and said I had a legal and binding contract, and that I should write them a letter telling them that I had a legal and binding contract, and if they had any problems with that, they could call him and he would explain the law to them. .

Never hear another peep outta them. . They were relying on pure intimidation to get the money from me, to correct their error.
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