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Hope they get what's coming to them! Freaking hate car dealerships... scum of the earth, many of them are. Even though it looks like I'm going to have to go back for another stint and make some quick cash if I can't find a job, *shivers*

You can't trust anything a dealership says, even if it's in writing. They will do anything they can to back out of an agreement.

One of the many examples I have is I test drove this guy in an Expedition and the rear diff I think was bad on it, was making a groaning noise upon turning. We wrote the deal up to be closed with the condition the noise was fixed, at another service dept.

Client was supposed to come back in 3 days when the car was fixed to sign the paper work and go.

Came into work that day, and the car was parked nose out, straight shot out to the street.

I was instructed by the general manager to tell the client the car was fixed and the bill was $1k and everything was fine. I took it upon myself to go test drive the car myself, same noise. Asked the service manager what the deal was. He said GM got the estimate, told them no deal on the repair. Told him to park the car backwards so as soon as he rolled out of the lot, made that turn, and heard the noise, the car was his. "not our ****ing problem anymore".

Called the client myself and told him to stay away. Car went to auction the week after.

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