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Originally Posted by Louisville Glocker View Post
Well, I wasn't going to post on this thread, but you've inspired me.
How many times have we had this thread? I only ask because I'm curious if you cut-and-pasted this response, or actually typed it out. Looks like most of the usual suspects are here already, anyway, except Yo.

1. I have no need for a watch. Clocks are all around me everywhere I go.
Good for you.

I go plenty of places where there aren't any clocks. I suppose in some of those places I could hang some (like next to my shower, for example, I don't have any clocks in the bathroom) but it's easier just to bring my watch since I'm already wearing it.

Basically, there is no need to own a watch. Whereas with guns, there often is a VERY REAL need.
I'd argue with the modifier "often"--other than my time in the military, I have never ever "needed" a gun. More than once, I've "needed" a watch on a hike or climb.

2. A cheap watch works just as well as an expensive one.
Actually, often better.

3. In today's modern society, I don't want to be constantly reminded of what time it is. I've got enough stress in my life without having the time staring at me from my own arm.
I'm far more stressed out if I have to worry about whether I'm late or not, but to each his own I guess.
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