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Got my gen4 26 in. (you may have seen my pic thread).

I think I submitted certificate some time around July 10.
Won it at Portland June 2-3.

So, 80 days or so. FFL called to say I got a package. They let me open it, which was good. 3 mags. Casings test was 8-10-2012.

FFL asked how much I paid. I told them it was a prize gun that I paid 35$ plus tax on. The original guy I talked to wasn't there. These guys looked confused. Said I had to pay them tax on bluebook value of gun. Plus transfer.

Whatever. I didn't want to argue, so I paid it. Not sure if

Then I asked for copy of the ffl with ink signatures for next two certificates I will be getting. They said they would just email electronic. I tried to explain that while the atf accepts electronic copies and faxes, the gssf requires the old "paper copy with ink signature." They looked confused, even skeptical, even untrusting of my explanation.

They produced a paper copy, sans ink. I said I needed the ink signature, but they were uncooperative-in that they didn't know what I was talking about and the actual ffl holder wasn't there. Ugh. This is the second place to throw a fit about the ink ffl. The first place argued , "they can't give me the original license" even though I tried to explain that it was a copy with ink signature. They told me they can't let customers have that, as it would be illegal.

Used to get transfers all the time in Az when I lived there. Easy peasy and cheapy.

Why so much haranging nowadays?

Oh well. Got my first "free" gun at $35+tax upgrade +66$tax and transfer + New sights at ~$100.

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