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Originally Posted by RYT 2BER View Post
The scale is a Frankford Arsenal and it comes with a calibration weight
Every digital scale comes with a 'calibration' weight. For many scales, the calibration weight is somewhere near the end of the range. This scale goes to 750 grains so I would expect the calibration weight to be about 100 times larger than what would actually be measured.

Check weights, OTOH, are much closer to powder charge weights. If I am measuring a 42.2 gr charge, I want a 50 gr check weight. With a combination of smaller weights, I could also set the check weight to 40.0 gr.

A calibration weight is necessary to check the range of the scale but it provides no assurance that the scale reads correctly in the area of interest.

Your choice on the scale. Did you read the part where one user pointed out that it can't be used to trickle charge?

And yes, when I was loading a few rifle rounds yesterday, I did indeed use a check weight of 50 gr on my RCBS ChargeMaster and the Dillon D-Terminator I use as a second check. I want the charge to be as consistent as possible with a digital scale. The goal is to put all the shiny bullets in the same hole.

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