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Check with the coast guard, a certain size/class of vessel will be a federal matter and have serious repercussions is caught. Similar to having one on a plane if I'm not mistaken. I think if they have to file security plan with CG, it's off limits. I asked about a riverboat cruise because it might stray into Canadian waters, that wasn't a problem, but the vessel was off limits due to size/# of passengers making it a certain class of vessel under CG jurisdiction.

Call the Coast Guard, check the CG forum here. it's one thing to risk civil infraction for a posted business, quite another thing to risk a federal beef.

AT LEAST I would lock it unloaded in the trunk and try to get by on the new fed law on traveling with firearm.
Appearing to give serious effort to being legal looks a lot better than trying to push the envelope when you've screwed and relying on officials discretion whether to charge you or not. I would NOT want to have it on me in that case.


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