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So why not just continue to double up, instead of dumping lots of money?

I only shoot pistol. When I shoot outside, I have a set of those custom molded rubber-type ear plugs that do a great job. However.... until recently I did all of my practice at an indoor range. Inside-the-ear protection just wasn't enough. Muffs alone weren't great. So I just doubled up when I was inside. I don't care for the foam plugs, I would use plugs like these:
with the muffs over them. Worked great.

(Couldn't find a pic of the actual inserts I use, you don't want a string attached as that will compromise the seal of the muff. But they were rubber type with little flanges like that. Can be cleaned and used indefinitely, whereas the foam ones get gunky over time. And yes, I clean my ears often/thoroughly.)

LASTLY... I say this, as when I look at Midways selection of muffs, I don't see one pair that claims to do better than 30db of protection.

Here's a set on Amazon that claim to do 33db:
For $265? Screw that. Gotta think doubling up with an inner ear plug and then a good muff will do as good a job if not better, for far cheaper. But hey.... it is your money.
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