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I've owned three P-64 pistols for a long time but got rid of them recently.
The P-64 is a decent gun but with a bad trigger and it kicks like hell. Few people I've seen will shoot a whole box of rounds at one time.
It is accurate and reliable.
Top right in the picture.
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I have about 17 Makarovs (lost count). I had 25 but let some go to friends.
Excellent gun.
Now days it's hard to find Maks in like new condition and they run about $400.
Several different countries made the Makarov, China, East Germany, Bulgaria and of course Russia. They are all good, with the East German having the best fit and finish.
There are even "civilian" models of the gun, like this Bulgarian Mak with a square trigger guard (center right). Next to it is a Bulgarian Mak with a Bulgarian 22LR conversion kit.
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I ran across this beautiful East German Mak that a gun dealer had refinished for his personal gun.
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One of my Maks looks like it was a range gun. It shows a LOT of wear, not beat up but a lot of wear. It is still as accurate and reliable as a new Makarov.

So, IMO, you can't go wrong with a Makarov. Just shop around for the best price and best condition.

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