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I've owned 4 S&W Model 29 revolvers. (One was a 629) I absolutely love the 1/4 lugged, 8 3/8th's barrels on the early Model 29's! The most perfect overall balance I've ever felt in any handgun in my entire life comes from one of these early Model 29's! The gun club I was in at the time, 'Dirty Harry's gun' came out used to sponsor 150 yard steel target matches.

It was here that a senior club member took me, 'under his wing', so to speak, and taught me how to skillfully use a 44 Magnum revolver at distance. Man, I love my 44 Magnums! It's really quite a thrill to see (and hear) metal silhouette targets going down at 100 + yards! I've, now, sold off quite a few of my guns; but, I've still got a primo Model 29 sitting on a shelf at the back of the safe.

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