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Personally, I don't think a chrome lined barrel is that big a necessity. (Neither did the Yugoslavians!) The Model 59 has a nice heavy barrel on it. The two I owned had spotless bores; and both of them shot inside 2 1/2" at 100 yards with crappy combloc ammo.

You have to be extremely careful the first time you shoot one of these carbines. If Cosmoline has congealed inside the bolt the FP might be stuck - or become stuck - inside the bolt. If that happens the pin can lock forward and the gun will suddenly go full auto on you. (At least one new purchaser has shot himself to death this way!) The best way to fire a newly acquired Yogo is to load it singly, and with no more than one round at a time.

Many Yugos do NOT have a firing pin spring; and this can cause problems. First thing I would do on a new Yugo is to get a big hammer, a machinist's drift punch, and a couple of blocks of wood. Then I'd bang the retainer pin out 'a the bolt and thoroughly inspect and clean the firing pin and channel out.

There are two things you can do to a, 'new' Yugo to make it a much safer, much better gun: First, get yourself a, 'Murray Safety Firing Pin'; and, second, get yourself an excellent, 'Kivaari trigger' from Tom Prince. Here ya go:

The Yugos are nice carbines. Don't worry, you'll get used to the grenade launcher. After awhile I didn't even know the thing was there. (It's the bayonet I don't like.)

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