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Sights on G20 for Deer and Hogs

Ok guys, I appreciate your help. I have researched this thing to death so I would no make a duplicate post, but just can get a good explanation on a couple of things.

First thing is sight gap. I read somewhere you want to fill gap completely, and somewhere you need a little gap. I want to be able to shoot bulls at say 20 yards. I can't with factory sights, and I'm pretty good with iron sights so I'm just wondering will better sights help.

Next question. I don't know if I should go night sights or standard? I feel like night sights are a better dual purpose, reason for anything. But are their night sights that can be good target sights, or am I jut asking to much?

Also can you reccomend. I see a lot of suggestions for Dawson, so I was wondering about the blade width I asked about above. Other choice would be TRUGLO TFO'S but are they going to be very accurate? Thanks.
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