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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
You don't take advice very well and bought a bunch of stuff that really isn't going to serve you well in the long term or that you don't even need. Pretty much everything but the press and the manual and maybe the powder measure.
Understood. I considered things are did lots of Internet reading... Many people have started out with stuff like this as I've observed on the Internet, and they appear to be pleased. Of course it's shoestring way to go, but for me it was a way to give it a whirl. If I really like it and find it to be financially beneficial for me, I'll step up the setup and chalk some of it up to education... The dies and such are usable if I eventually choose to go to a Turret press and such so really the scale is probably the biggest waste at worst.
Unfortunately, with all the advances in medical science, there still just isnt any cure for "stupid".
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