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JBS: I looked at your drawings, and checked samples of all of the brands of cases I shoot/reload. None of them displayed the condition that you corrected. The Lone Wolf Distributers extractor nose looks more like your second drawing than your first. I wouldn't want to take any more metal off of it.

Your theory about cases ejecting before even hitting the ejector is quite plausible. Wouldn't that be a symptom of the extractor being weak and dropping the case? I already know from trying the "1911" test that the extractor will not hold the case on its own under recoil. Take the mag out and the cases just fall out the mag well. So they need the support of either the next case in the mag or the mag follower holding them in the extractor to make it back to the ejector. Either way, as I see it, the problem is the weak/poorly designed extractor not being able to hold onto the case.
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