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On the attached thread I listed a change I made to the extractor in one of my Glocks that was already ejecting just fine. It was just an experiment. It did change the ejection pattern and made it much more consistent. As the G22 I used was one of my Duty weapons I removed the modified part and put a stock extractor back in. I attached a hand drawing of the change I made if you want to give it a try with your adjusted EDP. I have also wanted to do another experiment if I ever get a customer to come into my shop with a 9mm that has the “bad ejection” problem and that is to see if the poor ejection stays the same when the ejector is removed from the trigger housing. My thinking is that on some of these pistols for whatever reason the next round in the magazine is causing the empty to be ejected before it even gets to the face of the ejector and that is what is causing the problem.
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