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Shopping and shooting goes very well together! While I am not a big fan of shopping, I find that shopping for guns is enjoyable.

I really enjoyed the Ruger yesterday. I liked the Glock .45 cal, but don't see myself shooting it a lot. I didn't have a glove and my hand hurt after a few rounds. That being said, it was deadly accurate. I shot about 80 rounds through my Glock 19 and got a system down for marking my shots and making adjustments. I have about 600 rounds+ through my Glock 19 gen 4 and it has performed perfectly with no brass to face. I will reserve judgment until I have a couple thousand rounds through it.

The Gun Range in North Highlands is a great place to shoot. The guys and gals behind the desk are really helpful and can't do enough to help you improve your shooting, let you try different calibers and handguns. They are friendly, talkative and just do everything they can to help. Their attitude is contagious. Don't miss trying out this great new addition to the Sacramento area.

Today I am taking my new Browning Buckmark Plus UDX out of layaway and finally getting it jailed. I was in my 30 day waiting so they kindly lay-awayed it for me. I am also shopping for a shotgun for trap. My husband bought a beautiful older Winchester 1400 12 gauge that I love to shoot, but the stock is just WAY to big. It fits him perfectly, but my back hurts from the long stock. Any suggestions????
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