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Originally Posted by ABNAK View Post
Weren't there two 165gr GD loads at one time? One was a good deal faster, the other more benign?
Yes, there still are two Gold Dot Law Enforcement loads in 165gr. One is the #53970 that I mentioned above and the other is $53949. The 53949 load comes in at 1050 fps with 404 ft/lbs of energy while the 53970 load registers 1150 fps with 484 ft/lbs of energy. As a comparison, the Federal HST 165gr load (P40HST3) clocks in at 1130 fps with 468 ft/lbs of energy.

My chosen loads for my G23's are the Gold Dot 53970 load or the HST P40HST3 load. Both of these loads have a very good track record on the street and are prized by police agencies.

For my G27, when I carry it, I prefer a 155gr load because of the shorter barrel. Inertia dictates that a lighter bullet will accelerate more quickly in a shorter barrel than will a heavier bullet which relies on more barrel length to develop its velocity.
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