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In my view, you left out the Lee Taper Crimp Die. It is a lot better solution than the Lee Factory Crimp Die in the 4 die set. So, buy a 3 die set and add the taper crimp die.

Do not buy any digital scale that costs less than $100. Particularly for the cartridges you plan to load, the least little bit of error can result in a Kaboom!

If you aren't shooting more than 200 rounds per month (a box a week), you probably shouldn't get into reloading. That is only about $80 worth of ammo and the savings is only going to be about $40. Hardly worth the effort and with your equipment list, it will be a LOT of effort.

OTOH, if you are shooting 500 rounds per month, that's about $200/month and the savings will be about $100/mo. Looking at that over a year, the savings will total around $1200. That much money is worth saving! But it is also enough to pay back the cost of much better equipment.

Good reloading equipment has a resale value of probably around 75%. Dillon stuff will bring in 80-85% because of the name and the 'forever' guarantee. If you don't like reloading, just post your equipment list on the bulletin board at your range. Someone will be looking for it!

Take a longer view...

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