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Best carry 1911 suggestions....

Ok, so I'm looking to purchase my first 1911 after the new year when I have all the cash saved. I intend on carrying it during the late fall and winter months. I am not going to buy a full sized 1911, so no 5" barrels. I really like the idea of a 4" barrel. I can't decide whether to get a full sized grip or the compact, shorter grip.

What would you all suggest for the type of gun I'd like to purchase? Obviously, I want it to be ultra reliable, and fairly accurate. It does not have to be a high end version with all the custom work. It does need to be a gun conducive to carrying. It does not need an accessory rail either.

I'm liking the size combo of the Kimber compact CDP II.

Thanks in advance for your input! I am fairly new to the 1911 world. My only other pistols are a Glock 26 and a Ruger LCP.

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