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Originally Posted by OhioGlockMan View Post
I can't imagine life without a chrony, otherwise you will have no idea whats going on! I have found two things to be true- most factory ammo does not live up to advertized velocity claims, a lot of times no where near, and this goes across many many different pistol and rifle rounds ive tested as well as .22 lr. Second a lot of times a particular load will have an impressive kick and fireball etc, even flatten primers a lot but you run it over the chrony and wonder where all the power went.
+1. Chronys are great and wonderful. Definitely let you know when you should quit adding powder. The results are often surprising both good and bad. Found a lot of factory ammo are close to published velocites and a lot of reloading data is accurate. A lot of my loads come very close to published. That is good news
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