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Originally Posted by eracer View Post
The thing is, Arrow, that scientists can't explain what happened in the 'Before Time/Space.' Nor can they explain why quantum mechanics exposes so much absurdity at the building block level of the universe.

I for one believe that the answer to the debate between theists and humanists is simple: We are children, barely beginning to discern the truth.

Some theists are beginning to appreciate that the search for truth is not heresy.

That's a good thing. And many humanists are beginning to grasp the concept that the incredible complexity of the physical universe we are starting to understand points us to a spiritual (or at least metaphysical) puzzle that can't be ignored.

Again, we are barely beyond the infant stage in our understanding of the true nature of things. To bicker and argue about it is a toddler's game. We should all wonder (and wonder at) this amazing thing we call life.

Logic has its place, as does faith. We should all seek the truth - together.
I almost had a heart attack when I read your response. I wish ALL would adopt your line of thinking so far as getting along with one another........... DOC
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