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Originally Posted by JBS View Post
Dhgeyer, did you notice the other end of the original depressor plunger and how it shows signs of deformation on the cylindrical stepped up portion? Right where it exits the slide to make contact with the extractor. I too am about to fire up the lathe and turn a new plunger ( 414 Stainless ). I plan to extend the length of this area to twice its length. I think by doing this it will eliminate the binding and may allow the extractor to function without chattering.
I never looked for that. I just took it apart again and looked at it under a magnifying glass. I don't see any deformation. I do notice that there seems to be a bit of a raised ring about two thirds of the way back on the front larger diameter portion that you mention, and that ring is shiny, indicating that that is where the wear is taking place. I also noticed that with the original extractor parts there was some binding in the extractor movement. It went away as soon as I replaced the extractor with the LWD one. Same plunger.

Have you seen the White Sounds Defense extractor tensioning setup? I just bought the extra power spring, but they have a three piece set that replaces the plunger, spring, and spring loaded bearing. Interesting setup. They turn everything around. The long piece is at the rear, and the short piece at the front. They make some claims about this making the inertia of the part help (as opposed to hinder) the extractor's tension. I didn't buy the logic or the kit, just the stronger spring. But they may be right, who knows? Of course if you do this the shorter piece (now in front) will need to be longer than the Glock or LWD SLB, and the longer piece correspondingly shorter.

If you're chucking some stock up in the lathe anyway, you might want to experiment with their way of doing it instead of the Glock way. I've been thinking of trying it just for G&S.

Also, either way you make your plunger, why stop at making the fatter part longer? Why not try it with full diameter the whole length of the piece? If that doesn't work, you can always turn the middle down later.

Whatever you decide to do, I'd be interested in your results.

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