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Originally Posted by BrthrB View Post
Anybody know if it will fit in a Safariland 6280 duty holster?
If you have a 6280 I assume you carry the weapon regularly... do yourself a favor and spend another $50 and get a TLR-1s.

Originally Posted by Fwdftw View Post
Dude you can find tlr1s for 89.99 on sale. And they are proven. Not a peice of **** like the nebos. I have tried 2. Both were retuerned for refunds as they failed on me. Plus who the hell will make a holster with a nebo !
Exactly. I paid under $100 for my TLR-1s which is a great light. If all you're doing is sticking the thing on a nightstand gun and will never use it for much else the $40 one is probably ok.

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