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Originally Posted by bunk22 View Post
Yeah, it's rated for it. The ballistics by the inch is a good website for sure. The 230gr 45 auto out of 16" barrel doesn't gain much velocity over your standard 5" barrel. Lighter bullets gain about 200ft/s, at least from the sight information.
I'd recommend looking at several sources with comparable tests & assumptions and then consider the results and their projections. We gun people can be very bias and use loads, conditions, type of rifling, name it to come up with very different results.

Logically speaking and oversimplifying a bit, the load with the a greater powder charge and slower burning powders will benefit the most from the longer barrel. A moly coated 230gr 45 Super is about as effective as you can make a 16" and still keep the 45 acp dimension case. You start going too fast with a light soft wide meplate 45 and it quickly turns to a varmit round.

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