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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
Actually, it was God being tired of rank rebellion and wickedness and was determined to insert a people that would not evil. And when the Israelites decided to be evil, He took them to task as well. God is not a respecter of persons.
Obviously he doesn't respect anyone, especially women and non-jews. His laws gave the Jews a divine right to murder, rape, and enslave whomever they chose. And this is the God that is one third of your Trinity. He's all about some rape, slavery, mass murder, genocide, and apparently even getting children pregnant since... at the time... it was common for 13 year olds to have children and his command was to be fruitful and multiply.

Do you think he'd change his mind today because we find it amoral to have sex with children? Do you think God adjusts his morality to suit our views? Because if his morality is the same today as it was then... pedophilia is perfectly fine. Boys become men and girls become women around 13. Marry was more than likely under the age of 16 when she had Jesus. God impregnated a child out of wedlock. This is the morality of your God seen directly though his own actions and the actions of the people operating under the laws he gave them.

Also, there is no place in scripture where rape is treated as admirable.
Admirable... that's subjective. I think Animal Mother showed you it most certainly wasn't frowned upon by God's people. And they were acting under laws given them through God. But they absolutely felt they had a divine right to rape and take women as property. They had to spread the kingdom of David. They had to replenish the nation of Israel. God himself gave them the divine right to take what they felt was theirs... and this includes women.

No, it is clear, you don't have a real grasp of scripture, and you just really want to try to find things to take out of context given the culture of the world at the time. It is highly anachronistic.
Is the bible the word of God or not? Were these his people or not? God smiled on these laws according to them. This is how God wanted these people to live, according to them. Are you saying that God has changed his mind throughout the centuries? How do we know this? There are no "Newer" testaments. The truth is that God's outlook changes with the Jews as they progress as a people. In their early more savage Days God was a bit wild. Giving them the divine right to take what they felt was theirs. As they themselves became oppressed by people like the Greeks and Romans, God began to have some kind of sense of Justice where the wicked were punished. And once they finally lost their temple the first time and corruption in the higher ranks of the jewish priesthood. along comes a messiah to show them that they didn't need the temple... that they could have a personal relationship with God without making sacrifices in the temple. God matured along side the Israelites. This is more proof than I ever needed that Yahweh and the Miracles of the Christ Character were an invention of men. And now, this same God... agrees with all the morals you seem to hold dear. Your God frowns upon pedophilia... but he didn't 2,000 year ago. He partook in it.

I guess if you are self-absorbed and want to string along a woman looking for stability and support. I thought you were against taking advantage of women?
LOL, you're a funny little man. My chick doesn't want to get married either. She's a hardcore Atheist. you think I'm bad you should meet her. We both agree that marriage is a joke. People act as if it's some giant commitment and yet you watch line the halls of the court houses wanting to undo it. The only reason marriage was more concrete in Jesus' day was because women were property. That's the only want marriage succeeds more than 50% of the time... is if the woman has no rights. Once you have true free will... Marriage simply is a failed concept. About 60% of marriages fail outright. Of the 40% that stay together... half of them are probably miserable and just doing it for religious reasons or for the kids. So around 20% of people that are married are happy as clams they did it. And that's probably a generous percentage. It is ignorant of reality to continue to believe there is anything special or magical about marriage. It's a failed institution period.

That mode of relationship didn't exist before the fallen world. Sin changed the nature of the relationship. It says that the woman would now desire her husband. Genesis 3:16. It is not the way God designed or wanted it.
There is no evidence of a Pre-Fallen world. Only a world where man was even LESS civilized and more animal like. There was never a time predating these events when we were better behaved than these rapists and brutes.

If He hated us, He wouldn't have come to earth and taken the penalty upon Himself.
What penalty? His own penalty? Why did God feel the need to come down here in human form, have himself tortured, killed, have himself sacrificed to himself, to forgive man of sin he designed him to commit, only to select a chosen few (that he already knew) who would receive his gift of faith, to save them from a Hell he created? God's crazy. Either that or he's a child and we're green plastic army men to him.

As far as mistreating women, you should examine your own relationship with them. Have you not viewed them as sexual objects?
Absolutely, but they have a choice don't they? They can choose not to be with me. My chick is with me because I treat her well and she loves me. Once you toss God out of the equation you truly have free will. If she doesn't like the way I treat her... she can leave. There are no sacred vows, of guitl, or promises to God holding her too me. Just how good I am to her. She has freedom. Your book spits on this idea. Women are cattle, to be bought and sold and treated as property you can put your wang in. My way is better. It respects choice and freedom.

Given the fact that you have no moral code
How so?

You have never mistrated a woman to satisfy yourself? In 35 years of existance, I think you can probably recount with some self-serving pride the ammount of "conquests" you have had.
Oh trust me... I didn't mistreat them. The loved every minute of it. I'm actually friends with every girl I dated seriously. We usually just agreed that we were going in different directions or wanted different things and gave each other a hug and resumed our friendship. I've had one night stands but it was understood between two adults that it was just about the sex and nothing else. See, you look down on women. You think them choosing to be sexual and free is somehow hurting them. That they're too stupid or weak to understand what they want. That they are not capable of making up their own minds and being sexually active in a way that makes them happy. We've all had relationships that didn't work out. But that's part of being social creatures. To deny that is the social equivalent to sticking your head in the sand.

Now, you are living with a woman who is not your wife with a son.
We have our own separate places, and she has a daughter. Do you get tired of being wrong and making an ass of yourself? I don't get tired of watching you do it.

Having been around this world longer than you have, I suspect she has expectations whether spoken or not that you will give her some sort of stability, that you are denying her.
She's grown. She can take care of herself. If she wanted more than what I was giving... she'd leave me. TRUST ME... she has lots of guys after her. She has tons of options.

You spoke of her son as if he was an annoyance or a bother in the way of what you want. How do you think that makes him feel?
Again, there ya go making an ass of yourself. Her child is a girl. And where in the world did say she was a bother? I love that little girl. I said she's plenty... meaning I don't want any kids of my own, and my chick's daughter satisfies any want for a kid I could ever have. Our little family is all I need.

Raising two children of my own, they are far more perceptive of what people are feeling and thinking than you give them credit for.
I don't recall making a statement on the perceptive nature of children. I can tell you that little girl adores me and hangs around my neck constantly. See her father (Who is a Christian by the way) wants nothing to do with her. He bolted when she was 2. He sent a few birthday and Xmas cards but quickly lost interest when he started a family with another girl. He doesn't pay child support, doesn't call, doesn't care. I'm raising this Christian's child for him. Showing her the love he never would. At night when I put her to bed she whispers "I love you" in my ear because she is afraid to say it out loud where other's can hear. Because she's afraid I'll leave her... just like her Christian father.

As for God, He is not okay with it. As Jesus said, He allowed certain things to happen because the people's hearts were hard. It was far from ideal. It was never represented as ideal. Your heart is hard, and see how you treat the woman you are living with?
LOL it's not my hard heart that she loves so much. It's another hard member of mine. And I beat her lady parts like they owe me money with it. All joking aside, you've proven yourself to be quite an ass. If the way you interpret what I have written is at all similar to the way you interpret scripture... then it's no wonder you don't know what you're talking about.

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