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I agree with all of the above and will add two things

IMO the Smith "K" frames like the 64 are one of the finest all around revolvers in existence.

If you are considering CCW with it, or any handgun, please do yourself a big favor. I know cash is tight but really, get yourself the best holster you can. No $15 specials. The holster makes or breaks the effectiveness and comfort of concealed carry. IMO the best holster for CCW of a 4" K is the Milt Sparks Summer special inside the waistband. I admit to not having tried all the holsters out there, but that one is kind of my gold standard. Most folks don't think of a 4" in an IWB holster but it is a very overlooked option that can work well when a bulky cover garment is out of the question.

There are a number of good outside the waistband rigs. I am partial to the "pancake style for concealment.

Make sure you have a belt that is up to it too.

I would raher carry my 4" K frame .38 (mine is a model 10) in a quality holster than one of my best expensive very accurate .45s in a cheap rig.
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