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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post

I don't need to know his mind. He spoke through his people, the Jews. Your religion is based on the Old Testament. And the Jews absolutely see the entire Old Testament as the inspired living word of God. Most definitely the Torah. When Moses spoke about law it was taken as granted that his inspiration was from God. That this is how God wanted his people to live. It wasn't arbitrary or hit and miss. This was inspired by God. So it's right there what was in God's mind for he shall not let his word return unto him void. God would not let someone (Especially Moses) corrupt his will. And it was his will that the Jews murder, rape, and destroy anyone that wouldn't pay tribute to them.
Actually, it was God being tired of rank rebellion and wickedness and was determined to insert a people that would not evil. And when the Israelites decided to be evil, He took them to task as well. God is not a respecter of persons.

Also, there is no place in scripture where rape is treated as admirable.

It is clear you ignore it and only accept the parts you like or can twist to your purposes.
No, it is clear, you don't have a real grasp of scripture, and you just really want to try to find things to take out of context given the culture of the world at the time. It is highly anachronistic.

I am 35 and have had my chance to get married and start a family and turned it down because marriage is a failed institution and I don't really want kids. My girlfriend has an 11 year old. That's plenty.
I guess if you are self-absorbed and want to string along a woman looking for stability and support. I thought you were against taking advantage of women?

Simply because women were livestock and treated like cooking cleaning sex toys. Women weren't allowed to be independent. Remember, this was the way God wanted it. This is how he inspired his people to treat another human being.
That mode of relationship didn't exist before the fallen world. Sin changed the nature of the relationship. It says that the woman would now desire her husband. Genesis 3:16. It is not the way God designed or wanted it.

This is how these people lived inspired by YOUR God. They treated women like property based on the laws ordained by YOUR God. But understand what you're really saying here. It was a different time. Their way of life was not like ours. Isn't it funny how God was ok with it. Isn't it funny how the God they invented hated all the same people they did? Isn't it funny how God felt women should be treated like second class citizens just like his people thought. It makes a great case for Yahweh being an invention of the jews rather than an actual being doesn't it? Either that or God should still be ok with treating women like dirt. Is God fine with me raping a woman so long as I give her Dad 50 pieces of silver and marry her? Is God alright with that? It was fine for his people. So it must still be fine. Or has the God you've invented in your mind decided to agree with you what is moral and what is not?
If He hated us, He wouldn't have come to earth and taken the penalty upon Himself. As far as mistreating women, you should examine your own relationship with them. Have you not viewed them as sexual objects? Given the fact that you have no moral code, I suspect you have. You have never mistrated a woman to satisfy yourself? In 35 years of existance, I think you can probably recount with some self-serving pride the ammount of "conquests" you have had. Now, you are living with a woman who is not your wife with a son. Having been around this world longer than you have, I suspect she has expectations whether spoken or not that you will give her some sort of stability, that you are denying her.

You spoke of her son as if he was an annoyance or a bother in the way of what you want. How do you think that makes him feel? Raising two children of my own, they are far more perceptive of what people are feeling and thinking than you give them credit for.

As for God, He is not okay with it. As Jesus said, He allowed certain things to happen because the people's hearts were hard. It was far from ideal. It was never represented as ideal. Your heart is hard, and see how you treat the woman you are living with?

I am opposed to religion in a power structure. I don't want religious people making laws that effect me based on their nonsense. I'm actually friends with many believers. I mean c'mon... I live in the South. I'm not exactly in Atheist Country. I enjoy debating with religious people because I love listening to otherwise smart people defend total horse crap.

But Atheism is not. Atheism is a lack of belief in God. It doesn't have a cannon, it doesn't have scripture or gospel. There isn't an Atheist Bible with defined beliefs or codes of ethics. It is simply a lack of Theism.

Because they're communists... not Atheists. Communism is a defined set of ideals and goals. You can define its dogma. There is no such thing with Atheism. Again... it's just a lack of Theism.

I am sure there are many killers in this world who are Atheists. But they're not killers BECAUSE they're Atheists. They're killers because they're killers. There are killers who are Christians. But it's not always because they're Christians. But when you have a person or group of people killing in the name of a God... it absolutely is because of their religion.

Exterminating a group of religious people can definitely be seen as religious intolerance... but for what reason? Why might one be intolerant of religion? Because of Atheism? Or Because it's good strategy to destroy any flag, or symbol around which people might rally to overthrow you? It's really silly to suggest that someone would commit genocide because they don't believe in God. Are they jealous or something? When religious people kill in the name of God it's usually out of either defending the righteousness of their God OR killing to honor their God. There is no such being to defend or honor with Atheism. To suggest they would want to attack a people out of offense at their God would suggest that the Atheists believe in that God in the first place. It's like the asinine argument that Atheists are mad at God. That's like being mad at Sponge Bob Square Pants. It's just silly.

No, it's not connected at all. Like I said. Atheism is the ultimate in personal responsibility. There isn't any God to kill for. There isn't any idealism or dogma to blame. It's just that person and their own personal ideals. No one is saying that Atheists can't be jerks. It just isn't because they're Atheists. It's because they're jerks LOL.[/QUOTE]
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